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These 5 Ways will Save your Energy at Home with IoT Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology has brought a revolution with the integration of smart devices as we are moving closer to the futuristic homes that are shown in Sci-fi movies. The affordability of these smart energy-saving devices is helping in the democratisation of hi-tech living which not only reduces the money spent on energy but also promotes efforts in reducing carbon emissions.


The Importance of Saving Electricity

Why should we save electricity?

This question may seem very obvious to those who want to reduce their expenses on energy consumption. This group will readily adopt the home energy-saving solutions. It is for this group that the smart devices should be affordable so that the adoption rates are high which will further increase the amount of energy saved. At the same time, it is essential to increase awareness among the affluent sections of society about the environmental impact of energy consumption and inspire the youngsters who will become future consumers of energy resources.


Five Creative Ways to Save Energy at Home



How can technology help in saving electricity?

With the staggering increase in electricity consumption, it is not sufficient just to switch off the lights and fans while we leave the room. The intelligent energy management software used in smart devices provide real-time analysis of energy consumption and help us save energy by making decisions based on our usage patterns. Let us see how smart IoT devices can provide solutions.

    • Adaptive Temperature Control: How do IoT devices help in adjusting the temperature at home effectively and save electricity?

      Smart thermostats learn from our schedules and preferences which helps them make automatic adjustments in the temperature. They are prompt in their responses and are more efficient than the remote controls as we may sometimes feel lazy in coming out of bed and picking the remote from the table.

    • Smart Lighting Solutions: Can smart devices help in reducing electricity bills?

      Definitely! Your home lighting appliances can be connected to sensors that are similar to the ones which control the brightness of your laptops and mobile phones. The IoT-enabled lighting appliances will adapt to the light that is coming from the windows and keep the illumination levels constant which not only saves electricity bills but is also good for your eyes.

    • Efficient Water Systems: Can IoT devices manage water usage at home?

      Yes, while smart water heaters can schedule heating and have leaking detection mechanisms that save the wastage of water and electricity. IoT devices are also available for managing the irrigation of plants in your kitchen garden and flowers in the yard by adjusting the water usage based on weather, soil conditions and plant types.

    • Smart Power Strips: Can IoT devices help switch off my devices if I leave them on?

      Yes. There are smart power strips available which work in two different ways. First of all, you can set the timer on your appliance and the Power Strip will switch it off after that time. Secondly, some Power Strips can also be operated remotely and you can operate your appliances by using mobile apps.

    • Energy Monitors: What are the benefits of energy monitors?

      There are some IoT energy monitors available in the market that can be attached to the electricity meter and can communicate with you with the connected apps. These monitors provide insights into power consumption and can be used to set monthly electricity expenses. With their regular updates, the users can keep an eye on the power consumption and limit their usage.


Additional Energy-Saving Tips for Your Home



What steps can one take to save electricity at home?

    • Unplug your chargers and other devices
    • Keep the sleep settings of your laptop and desktop at less than 5 minutes
    • Upgrade the insulation of walls and use double glass windows
    • Try to wash clothes in cold water and air dry them when possible
    • Skip the heat drying setting of the dishwasher
    • Use LED or CFL bulbs instead of the old incandescent bulbs
    • Always choose appliances with higher star numbers
    • Plant trees that will provide shade to your home
    • Use fans to circulate the air of heating and cooling systems
    • Use minimum appliances when the house is on backup power supply


Creating a Smart Home Using IoT

How can IoT devices turn my home into a smart home?

IoT devices are preinstalled with intelligent systems that help in the automation of tasks, can be controlled remotely with their app-based ecosystem and they also learn from the user behaviour to provide the best user experience. They manage various processes with adaptive scheduling which saves more electricity than putting appliances on prefixed schedules. In this way, your home will run at optimum efficiency while being power efficient.


Reducing Your Electricity Bill at Home with IoT

How does the IoT device Emerald help in saving electricity bills?

Emerald is an IoT-based power consumption monitoring device that can be easily plugged into your electricity meter and start collecting data. It is paired with the Enciser app where it shares valuable insights of electricity usage. With this device plus app-based smart home energy management system you can plan your electricity budget and the Enciser app will give you regular updates so that you use electricity wisely to achieve the targets. The app also contains the data of your service provider which helps it to tell you the money spent on electricity in a given period.


User-Centric Electricity Savings

What should one keep in mind to save electricity?

As a user, you should understand the current levels of your power consumption and take steps at the individual level to save electricity. Along with this, IoT devices can help to put the consumption of energy at an optimum level while ensuring the best performance. Their constant monitoring mechanisms help in saving substantial amounts of money.



Why should I use IoT technology?

IoT technology helps integrate intelligent devices with your home appliances and ensures the convenience of monitoring, cost cuttings and also environmental benefits by wisely using electricity. As you now know about the benefits that IoT will bring to your home, it is the right time to transform your home into a smart home and live a comfortable life by enjoying the benefits of technology that will transport you to the future.

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