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track your daily watts consumed and monthly electricty amount on enery monitoring sytem app

Below you can find the accumulated electricity usage and charges for that particular month which will help you stay on track with your monthly budget.

The last section is the summary of all the above sections which tells you about your daily and monthly trends, average spending, and consumption. This helps you find all of your data in one place and make decisions accordingly.

Get to know about your hourly usage daily along with the estimated charges that will be levied by your respective state for that period. This will help you change your usage pattern and reduce electricity usage during peak hours.

Check your preset budget and the number of days left in the month which will help you be more conscious about your usage for the rest of the month.

Get your personalized comments by the apps according to your overall usage which aligns or not with the monthly goal that you have set.

The Graph Data

Get the graphical data of your daily consumption to understand your usage trend.

The Data Table

Find all about your usage in tabular form which you can export in CSV format.

Use Energy Calculator to set an accurate budget.

Use Energy Calculator

Keep track of your units and monthly spends.

129.77 kWh
In this month
In this month

Get notifications according to your budget settings.

Get notifications

Monitor energy consumption from anywhere.

Monitor energy consumption

Control energy usage on basis of stats.

Energy Budget Tracking

You’re on Track!
No more Bill Surprises

No more bill surprises with the enciser app

Emerald provides you with real-time electricity consumption, usage patterns & useful insights to help you save your electricity wastage and your electricity bill in the smartest way.

Add other household members to access device data in app.

Household members
Property Members

Get energy saving tips by enciser app

Privacy and security matter the most

Our app protects your data and never shares it with anyone else. We know the importance of your data and that is why your privacy is our responsibility.

Use enciser app
Use enciser app
Manage energy usage
Manage energy usage
Reduce electricity bill
Reduce electricity bill

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