Serving only in Punjab, Gujarat, Delhi, Chandigarh & Rajasthan.

We develop tech products to manage energy and reduce carbon footprint.

Make every watt count!

Ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. Small individual actions collectively drive significant positive impacts on the environment.

1 kWh = 0.95 kg carbon

Emerald helps you save electricity, one watt at a time so that you cut costs, not comfort.
Get real-time data on your energy usage to save high electricity bills.
Save thousands on your electricity bills every month and budget better.

Monitor your household right from your fingertips.

Our app will seamlessly connect with your device and help you track your electricity consumption from anywhere.

15-20% reduction in electricity bills.

Use the thousands you saved on electricity bills the way you want it to.

Turn energy into intel.

Make informed decisions with real-time data about your electricity usage pattern and be aware of your consumption.

Get real-time data from the enciser app.

Plan your electricity budget and we will help you reduce it every month.

Revolutionizing Energy
Revolutionizing Energy
Efficiency for a
Efficiency for a
Greener Tomorrow
Greener Tomorrow
Our Products

Emerald Electricity Advisor

Enjoy the hassle free installation of Emerald at your home that connects with your mobile phone seamlessly and provides you with real-time data & useful insights on our “enciser” app.

enciser App

The app connects with emerald smoothly using Bluetooth. You can set your budget in advance and we will help you achieve your goal with our smart tips that will help you save electricity.


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